Catering to your requirements, handling your needs with care

Since we created our 111ELIES, we've made significant progress. The workshop in the country house gave its place to our professional lab at the center of Thessaloniki, and now we are in the right place to offer you high quality and effective natural soap and skincare products, combining the love  and care of  handmade with professional handling and accuracy

  • Raw materials

    We aim to provide truly pure, natural and effective products that’s why we are in constant search of raw materials of the highest quality, mainly from the Hellenic earth. We collaborate with small but modern companies that use mild cultivation and cruelty free farming methods.

  • Our most valuable partners

    We plan and produce our products based on your needs. That is why your opinions and observations are so valuable to us. We are always at your disposal to listen to your ideas. And some of our products were actually created or modified thanks to your recommendations.