• Soap

    We use the cold process method for the production of our soaps. That means that the saponification process takes place in low temperatures so as to keep all the beneficial properties of our raw materials active. The whole process finishes in the curing room, where our soaps remain for at least 8 weeks waiting patiently to lower their pH and loose excess water, improving in any aspect. 

    We do not use synthetic fragrances but only natural essential oils and our soaps are naturally colored with the addition of clays, botanicals and other natural ingredients that actively add their properties in every formula. 

  • Skincare

    We created for you a range of basic skincare products with natural raw materials that improve the skin providing prevention, hydration, nutrition and healing of body and facial skin. Most products we offer are designed for many different applications covering a wide range of needs 

  • Vegetable Oils and...
  • Gift Boxes and Sets

    A gift just for you!

    products that comlement each other

    and offer complete solutions in a box!

  • Natural Living

    Goodies we found for you to support your natural way of life!

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Showing 1 - 12 of 75 items