THE BACHELOR after shave + moisturizing cream

THE BACHELOR after shave + moisturizing cream

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THE BACHELOR after shave + moisturizer

This luxurious aftershave cream is perfect not only to mellow out your skin and relieve any irritation after shaving but as an everyday moisturizer for face and under the eyes!

- Shea Butter
-Macadamia Oil
-Grapeseed oil 
- Almond Oil 
-Argan Oil

which are loaded with precious vitamins and fatty acids for your skin 
are easily absorbed
and lock humidity into your skin leaving it smooth and with a non-greasy feel 

Organic Aloe Vera Juice 
Chamomile extract 
Chamomile Hydrosol 
reduce inflammation.

Rosemary extract offers its antioxidant properties

and Allantoin encourages skin to shed dead cells and grow new ones, which promotes healthy cell development and prevents dull, sallow skin. 
If you have sensitive, dry, or scaly skin, then using products that contain allantoin may benefit it with moisturizing, protecting, and healing properties

All these, powered up with Vit E and Provit B5 (panthenol) will deep condition your skin leaving it healthy and smooth.

Its rich texture allows you to fully hydrate your skin with only a little amount per use and its QUICKLY ABSORBING FORMULA is so user friendly!

It is a perfect choice for those who don't like their perfume to mix up with other scents, or for those with sensitive skin. 

pH balanced to suit skin's acidity


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