Organic Oat Seed Extract

Organic Oat Seed Extract


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The rich fatty acid profile makes for a super moisturising oil. Full of nutrition, this oil carries plenty of Omegas & is wealthy in unsaturated fatty acids, oleic & linoleic.
We like it for its skin rejuvenation properties due to its extensive glycolipids & vitamin E content, which may we add means it is also a very stable oil. Glycolipids are responsible for maintaining the stability of cell membranes and assisting in cellular recognition. It basically allows cells to connect with one another to form skin tissues.
Oat oil is relatively new on the cosmetic scene, but highly regarded due to its due its long list of benefits, including ceramides, which aid in the moisture retention. improve the health of your skin cells, protect your skin from environmental damage.
Oat Oil is a non greasy oil that absorbs easily into the skin.
100% natural
packaging: white glass jar with dropper 30ml


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Organic Oat Seed Extract

Organic Oat Seed Extract


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