Bay Laurel extacted in Almond and Castor oils

Bay Laurel extacted in Almond and Castor oils

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The myth says that Daphne (the Greek name for Bay Laurel), a beautiful nymph, became the unwilling object of Apollo's (the God of Light) desire after a prank played upon him by Eros (Cupid). 

Daphne asked her father, the river God Pineios, to transform her into a tree to escape from Apollo. And so it happened. Daphne was transformed into a tree and Apollo when Eros' spell wore off was devistated. He then cut off some branches and wore a wreath in memory of her beauty and love for her. Apollo sanctified her and made her his sacred plant. 

In Greek and Roman ancient times a wreath made of bay laurel branches was given to heroes, champions and to people who excelled in various ways as a sign of great honor.

It was also considered a magical plant that could ward off witchcraft and evil and was highly appreciated  for its medicinal properties.

Today is mostly used for its medicinal and aromatic properties. 

As an extract you can use it as a full body massage oil that can relieve from muscular and menstural pain

It is an excellent tonic for hair, reducing itchiness, dundraff and hairloss and promoting hair growth, especially when you combine it with rosemary essential oil. Just massage it onto your hair and scalp, wait for 10-30minutes and wash it off. It may need a second round of shampoo/hair soap to fully disolve any oily residue. 

As a chest rub it can sooth persistant cough and vronchitis alone or as a carrier oil (base) for eucalyptus essential oil.

Almond and Castor oils also promote Bay Laurel's properties and provide vitamins and essential fatty acids that can do wonders for your skin and miracles for your hair, brows, eyelashes. 

Data sheet
Is it Tested on Animals? Only on humans, voluntarily of course!
Is it Natural? 100%
Is it Vegan? Absolutely, No animal by-products in here
Use hair
Volume 100ml
Ingredients Bay laurel, Sweet Almond oil, Castor oil


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