Making and testing an activated charcoal peel off mask

Making and testing an activated charcoal peel off mask

Well, since many of you had repeatedly asked for our version of an acitvated charcoal peel off mas, we went on and created a formula replacing all the no-no ingredients with natural, effective mild ones. Along with our chemist we came up with a formula we were happy with and went on to make our first test batch. The results? Well.... not exactly what I expected

As with all of our products I tested immediately the mask on myself. In fact I am still wearing it... at least half of it.

And one question comes to my mind. WHY on earth would anyone do this to his/her skin? This is far more painful than effective, and there are other ways to a good looking skin!

And these little thinks that you seen on the back of the mask when you peel them? Well, they are not the content of your blogged pores, they are the little hair that naturaly cover your skin!

My advice? If you want to deep cleanse your skin, use a good activated charcoal rinse off mask, preferably with other replenishing and skin loving ingredients as well. Use it every 10-15 days, love your skin and BE PATIENT. To acquire a good quality skin you need to have good habits not big exceptions.

Sleep well, Eat well, drink your water, use quality products and ALWAYS check the ingredient list!

Now if you are searching of a depilatory product, I'm sure you can find better and less painful products. 

If you are searching for a rinse off activated charcoal mask that will do as promised check ours here

Till then, you can enjoy our DETOX activated charcoal soap

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